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"It's faaaaaaaaantastic!!!!!! Wow, what a guitar!" 
Peter Constant,
ZOO DUO (with Marion Schaap)
Conductor of the Netherlands Youth Guitar Orchestra
Concert Guitar

Concert Guitars


Australian guitar makers have achieved global recognition for their pioneer work with carbon fibre/balsa lattice guitars since the early 1980's. Graham was one of these leading luthiers. 


Grange Guitar

Grange Guitar


These guitars maintained the quality features of Caldersmith guitars, whilst keeping the non-professional player (and their budget) in mind.

Caldersmith Guitars

Guitar Family


In 1986, Graham Caldersmith and Timothy Kain won a grant from the Australia Council to build the first complete family of guitars. 




Feedback from people around the world who have purchased a Graham Caldersmith instrument is phenomenal. 




Grahams instruments have been sold world-wide. View videos to watch and listen to his instruments being played. 


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