Great reviews for the T20

The Melbourne Guitar Quartet has taken delivery of their second treble guitar, T20 (the 20th treble guitar made since the inception of the Classical Guitar Family). Graham has used a 5X4 pawlonia lattice capped with carbon fibre for this treble rather than a 5X3 pawlonia lattice as in earlier trebles including T19. Ben Dix's initial reaction to the new design is encouraging:

"T20 is excellent, plays very much like a standard guitar, as in, there is a lot of sustain, Basses are warm and full and the Trebles sparkle. All of MGQ concurred that it played much better straight out of the box when compared to the T19."

The photo shows T20 with a standard concert guitar in cedar and blackwood.

Graham is now working on a classical bass with radical design features which will be reported in future blogs.

#Concertguitar #Caldersmithreview

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