Unique handmade violins crafted entirely from Australian woods.  Graham’s favoured design is derived from the Guaneri del Jesu 1733 model with arching profiles and graduations modified to optimise the performance of the Australian tonewoods. It is also possible to commission a violin made from well seasoned European tonewoods, where the same pattern will be used with standard arching profiles but modified graduations as explained below.


Violins are made to order in our workshop in Comboyne. 

Graham’s perspective on violin development


The essential and acoustic design of the violin has not changed since the mid 16th  century when Andrea Amati in Cremona, Paolo Maggini in Brescia and Jacob Steiner in Absam  produced superb instruments in sufficient numbers to establish the violin , viola and violoncello as the core of stringed instruments which are the foundation of orchestras and ensembles to this day.  While the ensuing centuries saw changes to the neck and fingerboard configuration and string technology, the sounding body design of these musical marvels remains unexcelled. The comparison of the musical quality of original master violins relative to the recent and contemporary copies of them has been inconclusive and only confirms the masterful design of the founding makers.