Grange guitars maintain the quality features of Caldersmith guitars, whilst keeping the non-professional player (and their budget) in mind.


All tops are made from western red cedar incorporating rosettes in the original Caldersmith style. The soundboard is reinforced with a graded rectangular lattice of *selected* Pawlonia capped with carbon fibre instead of carbon fibre/balsa/carbon fibre.


This gives a somewhat different sound from the 'glassy' character of some carbon fibre guitars while retaining good projection and sustain.. 


It has been described by Peter Constant (ZOO Guitar Duo) as 'the perfect student guitar' .


Other features of the 'Grange' guitars include:

  •  15mm ply frame.

  • 1.5mm thick soundboard.

  • Adjustable truss rods in the neck.

  • Tapered fingerboard to the bass side.

  • Lightweight backpack or *fibreglass*  case.


The grange design has also proven particularly effective for the higher range treble and octave guitars.