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Australian guitar makers have achieved global recognition for their pioneer work with carbon fibre/balsa lattice guitars since the early 1980's. As one of these pioneer luthiers, Graham's work was guided by his Physics background and knowledge of acoustics.

Traditionally, guitar makers have endeavoured to optimise the vibration of the back and sides as well the top of the guitar. This means that some of the plucked string energy is lost from the vibrating soundboard to the back and sides.


The 'new' Australian guitar method builds strong and stiff back and sides and a very thin top/soundboard. In this way, the string energy is translated into sound which carries into the audience rather than much of it being depleted into the player's body.

The carbon fibre/balsa lattice is an effective way of stiffening the soundboard and so allowing it to be as light and efficient as possible.

Concert guitars

A Caldersmith Concert Guitar features the following attributes:

  • The guitar is made on a strong 17mm marine ply frame.

  • 1mm thick western red cedar soundboard reinforced with a graded rectangular balsa/carbon fibre lattice.

  • Laminated curved back increases strength and gives a lower resonance density, taking less vibration away from the soundboard.

  • Double acting truss rod allows accurate regulation of neck curvature.

  • Superior machine heads.

  • 20 frets.

  • Armrest (optional).

  • Concert guitars are supplied with a light, but strong Hiscox case for greater protection during air travel.


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Concert 6
Concert 3
Concert Guitar main
Concert Guitar
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Concert Guitar #99
Concert Guitar #99 closeup
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