Since first hearing Sèbastien Llinares playing music by Joaquin Turina [paraty 211115], I have been a fan. This recording maintains that high standard of guitar playing. The arrangements are perfect for the instrument and even give the impression that Satie wrote these works for the guitar. There is an article by Sèbastien accompanying the cd. titled "The Guitar Hidden in the Music of Èrik Satie". This is eloquently written and well worth the read. The order of works are well chosen and take one on an evocative journey from start to finish. Highly recommended. 

Quentin Arnold

About his Caldersmith Guitar - Standard Model Nr.56

" Great guitars. I love the sound , volume and playability of your guitars. This guitar supports me in every concert situation.
Thanks a lot Graham. "

Dietmar Garn

Kransberg, Germany

" The best guitar ever I played in my life!
A beautiful and powerful sound with a balanced tone, very comfortable and easy to play, a wonderful look too, what should I ask more? "

Alessandro D'Aco

Foggia, Italy

"It exceeds every expectation I had. It is truly remarkable in every sense – impossible to put down once I start playing it, and the craftsmanship of the fingerboard, body etc. is beautiful. The ultimate thing is that it sounds amazing even though it has yet to be played in. It will sound even more breathtaking when it has been played for a while."

Ralph Towner (Baritone Guitar)

USA / Italy

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