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Árpád Kató and Petra Kohut

John Dowland- My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home


Árpád Kató and Petra Kohut

Playing: John Dowland: My Lord Chamberlain His Galliard

Sebastien Llinares

Sebastien from Paris France, playing a Caldersmith Concert Guitar

Claire Sananikone

Morning Mai

Morning-Mai (Composer: Dang Ngoc Long, live played by Claire Sananikone from France, 3rd price), Required Piece in the International Competition & Festival Berlin 2010. Score and other Informartions: www.festival-guitar. Claire is playing a Caldersmith Guitar. 

Steve Thorneycroft playing a Grange guitar

The pieces below are recordings by accomplished New England guitar duo Ephen Stephen. The guitarist on the left, Stephen Thorneycroft is playing a Caldersmith Grange guitar which balances well with Stephen Tafra's carbon fibre lattice guitar. 

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